Labor is pleased that work has commenced to build Australia’s new Post Entry Quarantine facility at Mickleham, Victoria.

While in Government Labor invested 1.6 billion to build a sustainable biosecurity system.

Labor understood that continued investment in Australia’s biosecurity was needed to ensure that risks are minimised to Australia’s primary production sectors, human health and the environment.

In the 2012-13 Budget package Labor provided:

$379.9 million over seven years for the construction and operation of a new Australian Government owned and operated post entry quarantine facility for high risk plant and animal imports. This funding was to deliver a state-of-the-art facility consolidating existing animal and plant services to a single integrated site at Mickleham, Victoria.

$124.5 million over four years (and then on an ongoing basis) for core risk response capability and external review and verification processes. This funding supported elements of biosecurity operations at international airports and mail centres and arrangements that support biosecurity operations; such as the Interim Inspector General of Biosecurity and the Biosecurity Advisory Council.

$19.8 million over three years to support biosecurity information and communication technology infrastructure and systems to ensure that client needs can continue to be met.

On top of the wider biosecurity investment a separate $95.9 million over seven years was allocated from the Caring for our Country program to fund existing eradication programs for nationally significant pests and diseases.

Labor is proud of its legacy in Biosecurity investment and its reform agenda while in Government.

Labor calls on the Abbott Government to reintroduce the Biosecurity Bills that lapsed at the end of the 43rd Parliament to further enhance Australia’s biosecurity and to honour the need for ongoing reform that is required for this critically important area.

As opposed to only taking credit for projects and programs instigated by Labor.

FRIDAY, 2 MAY 2014

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