Labor will protect and support Australia's dairy farmers

Labor welcomes the decision by the Board of Woolworths to place a levy on its private label milk to assist Australia’s struggling dairy farming families.

The Morrison Government now stands isolated in its unwillingness to recognise our dairy industry is in crisis. Caught in a cost-price squeeze compounded by drought, our dairy farmers face an uncertain future and are desperately in need of some meaningful Government action.

We congratulate and thank Woolworths on its initiative but the decision of the Board will not address the market failure in the dairy industry which has created so much pain for our farmers.  One fixed and modest levy by one company in one supply chain will not end the crisis.

Labor has been meeting dairy farmers across Australia, and we have heard first-hand the enormous pressure the sector is under.

Labor is determined to put the dairy sector back on a sustainable path by promoting a fair income for farming families.  We will address the structural problems in the market.



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