Just over 11,000 families in the Hunter electorate will receive their last summer instalment of the Schoolkids Bonus because of cuts made by the Abbott-Turnbull Government.

The Schoolkids Bonus is a modest payment to help low and middle income families with the cost of sending their kids to school.
Each year, eligible families receive the Schoolkids Bonus amount of:
• $430 for each child in primary school (two instalments of $215);
• $856 for each child in secondary school (two instalments of $428).
Axing the Schoolkids Bonus means a typical Australian family with two kids in school will be more than $15,000 worse off over the course of their children’s schooling.
Australian parents understand how helpful this financial support is as they get their kids ready for the return to school.
The Turnbull Government have also used the Christmas-New Year period to lock-in behind Tony Abbott's legacy on schools - confirming they will dump the needs-based Gonski reforms and keep his massive school cuts.

This comes after two consecutive Liberal budgets have stripped $30 billion from our classrooms over the next decade.

This just proves Malcolm Turnbull is every bit as bad as Tony Abbott when it comes to schools.

Any hope that a change in Liberal leader would save the Gonski reforms and undo their school cuts is now dead.

These reforms are a once in a generation opportunity to lift results and close the gap between our schools, by giving every student the individual support they need to achieve their best.

We are already seeing great results - but without the final two years students will simply be left behind.”

Literacy and numeracy programs will be cut; subject choices will be cut; sport and music will be cut; extension programs will be cut; remedial support will be cut; speech pathology and allied health services will be cut; and students with disability will not get the support they need.

Every student in every school will be worse off.

The Liberals went to the last election promising an 'absolute unity ticket' on school funding - first Tony Abbott tore that unity ticket up, and now Malcolm Turnbull has set fire to it.

This is a huge betrayal of parents who simply want to know that their child will get a good education.


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