On Saturday I was joined by Labor’s candidate for Paterson, Meryl Swanson, to announce a Shorten Labor Government would provide $10 million to kick-start a solution to the Testers Hollow problem.

The Liberal candidate for Paterson has since described the announcement as “quite irresponsible at this point of time”.

Her comments reflect the New South Wales Liberal Government’s refusal to acknowledge our problem. 

Mike Baird and his Government continue to sit on their hands, arguing that there is no case for fixing Testers Hollow.

While they do, flooding will continue, communities will remain isolated and local residents are still being ignored.

We reject Mike Baird’s view, and a Shorten Labor Government will fix this problem.

Unfortunately, the comments of the Liberal candidate for Paterson show she prefers to put petty party politics ahead of the needs of local residents.

The Liberal candidate for Paterson should stop defending the indefensible and get behind the thousands of people who suffer each time Testers Hollow goes under water.

MONDAY, 20 JUNE 2016

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