Liddell Power Station

AGL has announced there will be no engineering miracle and its Liddell Power Station will no longer generate electricity after April 2023.

I’m pleased the engineering review has given three of the four turbines a number of additional months beyond the original de-commissioning date of late 2022.  The additional months will give us more time to build the new generation and storage capability AGL has promised.

Along with the Bayswater – which will be upgraded - and Eraring coal generators, these new generators and storage projects will allow the Hunter electorate to remain the power-house of NSW and will promote economic and jobs growth.

AGL has again committed itself to making sure Liddell’s workforce will be taken care of and I welcome that commitment.

The unrealistic pre-election pressure the Morrison Government put on AGL to significantly extend the life of Liddell has been exposed as no more than a political slogan.  The fact is, Liddell has reached the end of its economic and physical life. 

Australia desperately needs an energy policy after six years of Government inaction.

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