Littleproud desperately scrambling on milk

Farmers are understandably angry that Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has dismissed Labor’s pledge to pursue a minimum farm gate milk price and their frustration has him scrambling.

The Agriculture Minister today launched a review of the Federal Government's Milk Price Index amid concerns it is not helping dairy farmers.  At the index launch in July 2018 the Minister said the Index would enable farmers to better understand and interpret commodity market price signals.
But today he admits "I'm not convinced the index is working as well as it can for farmers”.  With his Department reporting only 38 farmers participating, it would indicate the Index is not working at all well.
Labor supports the retention of a Milk Price Index and it should be improved.  But alone it’s no solution for struggling dairy farmers.  Government intervention is needed.
Our plan to fast-track a Mandatory Code of Conduct and to ask the ACCC to investigate a minimum farm gate price for farmers is providing dairy farmers with real hope for the first time in many years. 
The Morrison Government should get on board.  Labor is prepared to work in a bi-partisan manner to ensure our dairy farmers are able to receive a fair farm gate price. 

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