Littleproud must act on the failing APVMA relocation

The Turnbull Government has released an up-date on the forced relocation of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) on the eve of Christmas in the hope it wouldn’t be noticed.

It’s so-called “business operating model” clearly shows the Turnbull Government is in crisis management mode and will turn to out-sourcing and the importation of foreign workers in an attempt to make the forced relocation to Barnaby Joyce’s electorate work.

As predicted by the Government’s own cost benefit analysis - which Barnaby Joyce also tried to hide - the APVMA is struggling to find the qualified staff needed to undertake its key roles and responsibilities.

Since the announcement of the APVMA relocation by Barnaby Joyce in 2015 the APVMA has been bleeding staff and now will need to make drastic high risk operational decisions in a desperate attempt to make the failing relocation work.

New Agriculture Minister David Littleproud’s first act must be to stop the forced relocation in the interest of our farmers and all those who rely on the APVMA.

If David Littleproud fails that basic test, how can the producers of our food and fibre have any confidence in him?

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