Malcolm Turnbull has today again lied about Labor’s backpacker tax proposal.

Today he again claimed that Labor wants backpackers to pay no tax. That is a complete and utter lie and shows how desperate Malcolm Turnbull has become.

Malcolm Turnbull must be called out on his repeated lies.

Under Labor’s proposal, foreign backpackers will always pay more tax than Aussies.  They will pay tax 10.5 per cent tax from the very first dollar they earn.

 Australian workers’ pay no tax at all up to $18,200 in earnings. With a 10.5 per cent tax rate for backpackers from the first dollar they earn, there is no level of income at which Australians will pay more tax than working holidaymakers. 
It’s time for both Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm Turnbull to stop using the backpacker tax as a political football and to reassure regional communities that they have listened to those on the ground and will work to resolve this matter when Parliament returns next week.

Otherwise, they will both face the same backlash against their ill-conceived backpacker tax policy as was seen in the Orange by-election.

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