It will be three months tomorrow since Murray Goulburn sparked a crisis by retrospectively slashing the price it pays its dairy farmers for their milk.

It is also more than a week since the Turnbull Government was sworn in by the Governor General.
Having failed to address the crisis during their last term, both the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister conceded late in the election campaign that they had not done enough to help our farming families.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was troubled by the way Murray Goulburn had treated farmers and pledged to meet the dairy giant to "get to the bottom" of the milk price crisis.
Barnaby Joyce said that he would organise a symposium of dairy farmers, processors and retailers "to discuss industry solutions to the challenges that have been exposed by Murray Goulburn's retrospective farm gate milk price reductions and cheap supermarket milk".
However the silence from both Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce since the election has been as deafening as their silence during the weeks following 27 April.
It's extraordinary that no one in the Government seems to think it is a priority to tackle the problems at Murray Goulburn following the Board's appalling treatment of its farmers.
It's past time for the Prime Minister and his Deputy to act in support of our dairy farming communities – whose struggle goes on even if the Government has apparently lost interest.

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