More action needed for flood affected North West Queensland

Today we met with North West Queensland mayors, councillors and producers affected by the recent devastating floods.

We again expressed a determination to work with the Morrison Government in the hope of delivering effective recovery assistance in a timely manner.

Producers expressed frustration that five weeks after the disastrous flood event, meaningful Federal Government support has not been forthcoming.

For the measures that have already been taken, both the councils and producers are appreciative.

But the councils need more help and producers need support to re-stock.  

Producers told us the best thing a government can do is to help them re-build their herds.

It’s been two weeks since the Prime Minister announced that a $2 billion package was on its way but producers have been given no detail and they are still waiting.

The uncertainty, they said, is demoralising. The clock is ticking, re-stocking assistance is needed and it’s needed now.

Cattle producers affected by flood are still in drought, it’s a cruel irony.  Talk must turn to action.

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