Barnaby Joyce is claiming that the Government’s Tax and Revenue Committee will review issues surrounding the upcoming backpackers tax increase.

But this is news to the Chair of the Committee, Mr Van Manen who has stated that “in order to conduct the inquiry, the Tax and Revenue Committee needed to have the inquiry referred to it, which had not yet occurred”.
This is another example of the chaos and confusion the new Deputy Prime Minister is known for, his last great intervention was when he tasked Kevin Hogan to head a taskforce to look into expanding the role of farming co-operatives and is now hiding its report.
Joyce could have canvassed his backpacker tax in his failed white paper process.  He didn't.
He could have asked his Agriculture Advisory Committee to look at it.  He didn't.
He could have held pre-budget consultations. He didn't.
Now he is once again misleading farmers that he has referred the matter to a committee to investigate his own backpacker tax. He hasn’t.
Furthermore, we all know what the stakeholders will say:  "we are angry about the tax and lack of consultation and we want it fixed and fixed soon"

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