Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister Angus Taylor has injected more confusion into the S. Kidman & Co saga by declaring the decision is not final and contradicting the Treasurer’s reason for refusal.

When asked by David Speers on Sky’s PM Agenda whether he was entirely comfortable with the message the decision sends, Angus Taylor declared.

“Well it’s not final as you know and the important point here is that we are having - there is a review - being done now into whether there is a level playing field for the Australian purchasers.”

When challenged that the Independent Review had already dealt with that concern Angus Taylor squirmed and continued to repeat his comments about the need for a level playing field.

The Treasurer’s reason for his decision was not the “level playing field” issue which was dealt with by the independent review but, rather, the “national interest”.

As an author of the “Greener Pastures” report which highlighted the desperate need for investment in agriculture, Angus Taylor knows how important foreign investment is to Australia’s agriculture sector.

There is a clear split in the Coalition on the S. Kidman decision; between those who understand the national interest and those who only have the coming election on their minds.
MONDAY, 2 MAY, 2016

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