Yesterday the Prime Minister and his Deputy travelled to Armidale to tell more lies and deliver more spin.

Ironically, they made their claims to be agriculture innovators standing in the Agriculture Education Building entirely funded and built by the former Labor Government under the Education Investment Fund. In 2012 Labor provided $29 million dollars to build a new three-storey Agricultural Education Building at the University of New England with specialised and flexible teaching laboratories, sound-proofed and temperature-controlled work rooms, a multi-discipline zoology teaching museum and a learning resource centre.

In addition, the project also established a Sustainable, Manageable and Assessable Rural Technologies - SMART - Farm Education Facility including a working farm, demonstration farmhouse, and a visitor and teaching centre.

The Tamworth Regional Study Centre was upgraded to become the Tamworth Future Campus and expanded to be able to offer interactive tutorials and e-teaching to new university and TAFE students studying agricultural and science across the region.

Further, a new Animal Husbandry Facility was also established with facilities to teach anatomy, pathology, animal handling, surgery and breeding.

As per usual Barnaby Joyce over-reached with his spin and blatant lies, saying from Armidale yesterday that the Government has “the vision for driving issues forward” and challenged “What is Labor’s vision? Labor’s investment in UNE demonstrates it has the agriculture innovation runs on the board.

Barnaby Joyce also claimed a link between research and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. The APVMA undertakes no research for farm chemicals. It scientifically evaluates the safety and efficacy (effectiveness) of products in order to protect the health and safety of people, animals, plants and the environment.

Media stories today report the APVMA will be a ‘‘train wreck’’ if it moves to Armidale.

Mick Findlay, who runs Abbey Animal Health of Cooma, says he is waiting for the APVMA to process 12 product applications and they have all gone past the mandated statutory timeframes.

He says the Armidale move, which is opposed by all the industry lobby groups, will make a bad situation very much worse and is all about Mr Joyce "feathering his own nest".

What we saw yesterday was Barnaby Joyce continuing to mislead the Australian people to justify his pork barrel. Sadly, the Prime Minister has now become Barnaby Joyce’s partner in crime. The losers will be our farmers and the broader Australian community who will struggle to secure the chemicals and veterinarian medicines they need in a timely fashion.

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