Barnaby Joyce must explain to Australian growers the Indonesian Government’s position on Australian citrus exports.

Industry sources are claiming the Indonesian Government will not issue any future import permits. There is speculation the move may also affect Australian horticulture products including carrots, bananas and mangos.
Australian annual horticulture exports to Indonesia are valued at around $60 million.
Yesterday Barnaby Joyce tried to run and hide.  When he did emerge he gave no explanation for the massive cut in live export quotas.
Unlike yesterday, the Agriculture Minister must today offer some reassurances and hope for both the live export and horticulture sectors.

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  • Grahame Nixon
    commented 2015-07-15 14:22:48 +1000
    As close to being a farmer as Barnaby comes is that he is a Goose, and that Goose is cooked Barnaby old boy.Even as Agriculture Minister in Cabinet he had no influence on the coal mine in the liverpool plains and now he tries to laugh of the drop in live cattle export to indonesia as just a 10% drop well considering our budget shortfall i reckon 10% is like losing a leg in these desperate times, so Barnaby better buy a wheelchair. He and his wife bought useless scrub land and then also bought the property next door one reason only CSG only a clown who is supposed to be our Agriculture Minister would buy scrub to farm on.