Prior to the last state election, the Nationals made big promises on the Muswellbrook by-pass.

But now, having just hung on in Upper Hunter, the National Party has abandoned the project.

The recently released RMS Forward Work Plan - Major Projects 2020, shows the NSW Government has no plans to begin construction of the Muswellbrook by-pass in this term of parliament.  Indeed, no plan this side of the end of 2020.

Given the narrowness of its win in Upper Hunter, it is likely the promise the Nationals made on the by-pass was the difference between winning and losing.

Likewise, Singleton residents will be left deflated by the Government's failure to more quickly progress the Singleton project which it also talked-up during the state election campaign.  Like Muswellbrook, there is no plan to begin building the Singleton project before 2021.

The Nationals have questions to answer.

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