Labor welcomes the resolution passed at the NSW Farmers conference today which acknowledges the impact of climate change on rural communities.

Tony Abbott is becoming increasingly isolated from public opinion on the impact of climate change.  NSW Farmers are sending a clear message that climate change is an issue the farming sector is dealing with every day.

Despite being one of the greatest challenges to greater productivity and profitability in the agriculture sector, Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce couldn't even bring themselves to include changing weather patterns in the terms of reference for their Agriculture White Paper.

Many farmers continue to suffer the impacts of drought and another El Niño is predicted.  But unlike peak farming organisations, Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce are keeping their heads well and truly stuck in the sand.

NSW Farmers delegates have also recognised the need for Government to help fossil fuel based rural economics make the transition to a greater reliance on renewable forms of energy.

This of course flies in the face of Tony Abbott's war on wind energy which is providing supplementary income for many farmers and their families.

Tony Abbott needs to get out of the way.


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