Small Business Minister, Kelly O’Dwyer has yanked Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce’s chain over his call for grocery prices to increase.

In further signs of the Government’s chaos and dysfunction, Ms O’Dwyer refused to back the Deputy Prime Minister’s call that milk prices will and should increase after the introduction of an ‘effects test’.
SPEERS:  .. a lot of critics fear it will stop Coles and Woolies, the big supermarkets opening a store somewhere and offering milk for a $1 a litre. And even Barnaby Joyce has said in his words “I obviously believe the proper price of milk is above $1”. Do you agree with him?
O’DWYER: I’ll let Barnaby speak for himself but what the ACCC –
SPEERS:  He’s obviously viewing this as a way to keep those prices higher, to help the little guy.
O’DWYER:  What the ACCC Commissioner has said in response to this speculation around prices is he said that it's nonsense. You know, he’s been very direct about that and he is the competition regulator, who’ll be enforcing the law.
SPEERS:  So is he right or Barnaby Joyce is right?
O’DWYER: Well I’m pretty confident that the competition regulator who is the expert in these matters, he is the guy who has the authoritative word on how the enforcement will work with the Competition and Consumer Act.
                                                         SKY NEWS PM AGENDA, 17 MARCH 2016

Labor has consistently opposed an effects test, which will threaten legitimate competition and see higher consumer prices.

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