Out of touch government last mover on live sheep trade

Labor welcomes Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC) decision to place a moratorium on the northern summer live sheep export trade.

It shows how out of touch the Morrison Government is when the peak industry body is moving ahead of it in response to overwhelming community concern about animal welfare breaches.
The Morrison Government must start listening to the people: the live sheep trade is acting where the Government won’t.
I congratulate ALEC on this step in the right direction however the Morrison Government must now allow the House of Representatives to express its will on the the future of the live sheep trade.  A vote to phase out long haul live sheep exports must held this last sitting week.
Labor will continue to be guided by the science which says the northern Middle Eastern summer trade and animal welfare standards are incompatible.
A Shorten Labor Government will put an end to the northern summer trade at the first opportunity and phase out the balance of trade while helping sheep meat producers make the transition to more domestic processing.

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