Parliamentary Statement 26th May 2014

There is no group in our community that is more worthy of our praise than those who volunteer in times of natural disaster or indeed accident. They might be in the Rural Fire Service, a local rescue squad, the SES or some other group. Particularly worthy are those who do so on a voluntary basis and, often in doing so, risk their lives through their endeavours.

On Saturday I was very pleased to attend and participate in a ceremony which recognised more than 40 local SES volunteers in the Hunter region, many of whom were recognised for 15 years of service and many of whom were recognised right through 30, 40 years of service. One in particular, who is in fact these days a paid employee of the SES and has been some for some time, was recognised for 50 years of service: Greg Perry will be retiring this year.

He joined the SES as a volunteer when he was 13 years of age—something you are not allowed to do these days; it is now 16 years—and will continue to act as a volunteer in the SES after his retirement in June this year.

I want to thank Greg Perry for his outstanding service. I want to thank all those who were acknowledged on Saturday for their dedicated service to the SES again, particularly those who do so on a voluntary basis. Again, I pay tribute to everyone in my local communities who go out to help others as volunteers

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