PM must apologise for insensitive drought twitter video

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has tweeted two offensive videos this week.

One he has taken down and apologised for today. However his earlier tweet concerning drought affected farmers has not been taken down. Nor has he apologised for its insensitive content.

The video, promoted and authorised by Scott Morrison, says the drought can be viewed as a “necessary evil” that “can help cut out the bottom 10 per cent that probably shouldn’t be there anyway.”

The Government cannot feign sympathy and concern about the mental wellbeing of struggling farmers while promoting a video on twitter that seems to directly attack the most vulnerable and struggling.

There is an important debate to be had about drought policy going forward.  But the words in the video are offensive and should never have been authorised and promoted by the Prime Minister. The tweet must be deleted and the Prime Minister must apologise.

If Scott Morrison wants to have a legitimate debate about drought, Labor is ready. We’ve been calling for many years to get the drought reform project back on track.

Scott Morrison’s dysfunctional and insensitive approach is harmful and is further undermining the community’s confidence in the Government.

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