The Prime Minister and his Environment Minister are at war today with the Agriculture Minster over a simple question; will the proposed Shenhua mine be on prime agriculture land?

Whether the proposal is on prime agricultural land is surely a matter of fact and the Environment Minister should be able to easily clarify the situation.

Barnaby Joyce has said:

“I’ve never supported the Shenhua mine. I think it is ridiculous that you would have a major mine in the midst of Australia’s best agricultural land

The Land – 8 July 2015

The Prime Minister responded:

“it’s actually a mine in the hill country, it’s not a mine that is on prime agricultural land…”

Doorstop – 9 July 2015

Last night and again this morning, the Environment Minister Greg Hunt backed his Prime Minister:

“It is not in prime agricultural land, you were respectfully but utterly incorrect”

Sky News Viewpoint – 12 July 2015

The warring Ministers are causing more confusion, fear and uncertainty in the communities of the Liverpool Plains. 

Greg Hunt must quickly move to clarify the situation and in doing so, prove his Agriculture Minister wrong.  He must do so by releasing the documentation and scientific evidence he has relied on in making his decision.

MONDAY, 13 JULY 2015

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  • Joe Veldkamp
    commented 2015-07-13 14:47:19 +1000
    for the first time and probably the last go Barnaby Joyce do the right thing for a change and don’t let them bully you like usual