Prime Minister fails the leadership test on live sheep exports

Malcolm Turnbull said he’d follow the science on live sheep exports. He hasn’t.

He said he’d show leadership. He hasn’t.

The science is in, the northern summer sheep trade and animal welfare expectations cannot be reconciled.

As the Australian Veterinary Association and the RSPCA have told us, no matter what standards or stocking densities are applied, sheep will continue to suffer in the searing heat on these long summer voyages.

We didn’t need another review to tell us that. There have been plenty of those.

Labor will act on the science and stop the summer trade at the first opportunity.

We will also phase out the balance of the trade over time and impose the highest regulatory standards during the transition period.

We want to end the cruelty. We want to ensure our sheep farmers are sustainably profitable and we want to create more jobs here in Australia.

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  • Carolyn Cooper
    commented 2018-05-21 14:12:40 +1000
    Not good enough. You are either against animal cruelty or you are not. Australians outraged at Labour government when video exposed the horrors of Indonesia, labour did not stop this industry then.
    Australians see the horror of live export brutality occasionally and this is only from undercover investigations, we are not stupid enough to believe these instances are the only cruelty.
    All live exports must be stopped and I certainly won’t vote for any party that does not make this immediate.
  • Victoria Thompson
    commented 2018-05-21 09:15:31 +1000
    Thank you for being a decent human being. We will certainly vote Labor. I wrote this on David Littleproud’s Facebook page: “Has it ever occurred to you and your heartless Government how this trade in animal suffering is affecting us, Australians? It’s destroying our health—causing us stress, heart problems, nightmares, destroying our sleep and our peace of mind. We despise you and your pathetic excuses. You’ll be booted out at the next election. All of you, too heartless, gutless and ignorant. Absolutely despicable human beings, if you can be called that.”
  • Tracey Stewart
    commented 2018-05-21 08:35:45 +1000
    Brilliant. You have our family’s support. Give Aussies back their jobs, stop kow-towing to the live animal export traders and show some compassion and decency. That’s the Govt we want to represent us.
  • Lyn Bailey
    commented 2018-05-20 23:18:30 +1000
    For god’s sake STOP LIVE TRANSPORT. it’s cruel & barbaric. We want a government that will stand up and do the right thing & not lie about trying to stop it. We as Australians want to do the right for these animals. The cruelty that these poor animals go thru is abhorrent. How anyone can let this happen at all is shocking. I’m ashamed to be Australian. STOP IT NOW 😠😠
  • Joyce Skinner
    commented 2018-05-20 10:24:42 +1000
    Stopping Summer trade with sheep ??? Not good enough. All Live Export needs to stop, not just sheep, cattle, and all animals. You want Live Export, Joel. You have said so. I need to hear someone speaking honestly and straight to the point saying. “LIVE EXPORT WILL FINISH
  • Dianne Louis
    commented 2018-05-20 00:36:39 +1000
    Wake up listen to the masses it’s wrong it’s barbaric and makes me ashamed of being an Australian
  • Trudy Der Kinderen
    commented 2018-05-19 19:24:51 +1000
    This trade needs to be phased out quickly, not in 10 years time and if real standard are met then it won’t be worth their while to continue shipping, No ifs or buts this vile trade needs to end NOW
  • Heather Cambridge
    commented 2018-05-19 15:30:24 +1000
    The people of Australia have had gutful of the lies. Excellent to see that Labor is capable of making mature policy decisions even when the politics may get tough. The voters now have a choice for the first time on this issue. And they do not support LE.
  • Jane Dre
    commented 2018-05-19 14:05:00 +1000
    Statesmen that lead
    And govern with backbone
    To ban live long haul exports now
    Be strong
  • Jane Dre
    commented 2018-05-19 13:50:46 +1000
    This is good, but I’m cautious about the following statement which could change post an election and could drag on for years until a new government then changes it again:

    “We will also phase out the balance of the trade over time and impose the highest regulatory standards during the transition period.”

    Ordinary Australians are losing faith in our politicians who change like the wind and are self serving.
  • Glynis Howarth
    commented 2018-05-19 13:45:30 +1000
    Our Prime Minister has let animals down he is a shameful, unforgivable human being. NO LIVETRADE is easy to understand. India has more compassion than our country as they send FROZEN MEAT to Indonesia. Mr Turnbull I ashamed to admit he is our PM.
    I won’t be voting liberal but labor had better stop this trade immediately should you win. If your policies are not good I will waste my vote.
  • Linda Lumley
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-05-19 13:29:22 +1000
    Prime Minister fails the leadership test on live sheep exports
  • Linda Lumley
    commented 2018-05-19 13:23:12 +1000
    The PM has ignored science even though he said he would listen to it and act. He didn’t act. A tightening up of regulations and he thinks this ok. It isn’t ok and will never be ok. No one on Earth thinks animals should be shipped around the world for live export industries. No one eccept governments and exporters. This must cease. The world will just have to adjust without it. People adjust all the time about everything. The export industry will end. It is a failed experiment. Animals lost and exporters won. NO MORE.
  • Marne Greenway
    commented 2018-05-19 12:44:35 +1000
    Since WHEN can anything this CRUEL, be JUSTIFIED?
  • Tanya Barnett
    commented 2018-05-19 10:27:55 +1000
    Ditto Sylvia Raye ! Enough !
  • Vikii Warne
    commented 2018-05-18 20:03:10 +1000
    This has to be more than an election promise and there has to ne a timeframe . No backflips.
  • Sylvia Raye
    commented 2018-05-18 17:29:04 +1000
    How can you fix this……Motion sickness
    Broken limbs (especially cattle) from rough seas and being thrown against railings.
    Pressure sores from lying on metal grating.
    Oesophagus and lungs burnt from urea and faecal jackets (cattle) from lying in and being covered in their own shit – this increases body temperature,
    Quick spread of salmonellosis from contaminated feed and water troughs.
    Salt spray blindness on open deck ships.
    It’s a real catch 22 with space – animals need enough space for at least half to be able to lie down when required however this gives them too much room to fall and slam into things in rough seas……..this list goes on.

    As you can see over 35 years I have done my homework and I am appalled money comes before cruelty. I am ashamed to be an Australian even though I received the Logistic Support Medal from the Australian Government for volunteering to go to a war zone – Vietnam, to entertain and support our troops during that war.

    Shame on all of you who support this vile and cruel trade.
  • Sylvia Raye
    commented 2018-05-18 17:24:03 +1000
    can we trust you? I think not. You must end this trade completely in your first term in office should you win the next election. This must be written in stone!!!!
  • Teresa Howick
    commented 2018-05-18 11:15:22 +1000
    The sheep and cattle face an horrendous fate even after their trip. Barbaric treatment by foreign people who don’t have the same sensibilities toward animals as us.
    Banning live exports is the only answer. Imagine setting up an industry right here in australia that processes butchered meat for export. If they want meat let them buy the best from us , butchered by us on our terms not theirs.