Prime Minister must release the Coalition Agreement

It is now more important than ever before that the Prime Minister releases the Coalition Agreement.

Speaking on ABC Insiders this morning, acting National Party leader Senator Bridget McKenzie said she expects the Coalition Agreement to “remain in place”.

Her statement is meaningless to the Australian community because Malcolm Turnbull is keeping the Coalition Agreement a secret.

Worse, Malcolm Turnbull has been spending taxpayers’ money to engage highly paid lawyers to keep it a secret.

For almost three years Malcolm Turnbull has been fighting me in the Courts in a reckless determination to hide from the Australian people what deals he did with the National Party to make him Prime Minister.

If he is going to rely on the support of a dysfunctional National Party, surely the Australian people need to know what is in that agreement.

Nothing could be more fundamental to our democracy than the right of Australians to know what Malcolm Turnbull said he would or wouldn’t do to become Prime Minister.


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