Private Member's Bill to ban live sheep exports abandoned

Members of the Australian community concerned about the immense cruelty suffered by sheep exported on voyages to the Middle East will be disappointed by the decision of Liberal MPs Sussan Ley and Sarah Henderson to abandon their Private Member’s Bill to phase out the live sheep trade.

Both members accepted a political promotion in the Morrison Government and will now argue their new positions deny them the opportunity to “cross the floor”.

Prior to her promotion, Sussan Ley had been firm and vocal about the failings in the live sheep export trade saying the trade was “built on the suffering of animals”.

In a speech in Parliament on 21 May, she asserted “The case for continuing long-haul live sheep exports fails on both economic and animal welfare grounds” and was crystal clear in her determination to act on high levels of community outrage over the cruel and unnecessary suffering of exported sheep.

Liberal Member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson strongly supported Sussan Ley’s campaign to end the cruelty by seconding the Private Member’s Bill. But she too is now silent and has abandoned what she, not so long ago, believed was ‘intolerable’.

Walking away from convictions is a common theme of the divided, dysfunctional and unstable Morrison Government.

But Labor won’t give up the fight. 

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