RIC pork barrel an illusion

On the day the Turnbull Government said its Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) would be open for business in Orange, it has instead launched a website in its place.

The RIC has not yet been able to recruit staff or establish a location let alone an office. Last week the Board met in a park.

The promise to establish a RIC in Orange has always been a poorly thought out and unnecessary waste of $28 million. The administering of concessional loans is already being done by State authorities.

Drought affected farmers deserve better than this wasteful and illusionary pork barrel. They need real and genuine action from Government.

The Regional Investment Corporation debacle stands as yet another failure of the out-of-touch Turnbull Government.

The Prime Minister and his Agriculture Minister must stop this pork barrelling madness and focus on genuine assistance for struggling Australian farmers.


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