Today’s story about the plight of Rutherford Public School is a reminder of the benefits of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program.

“Imagine where Rutherford Public would be today if it were not for the BER”, Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon said today.

Rutherford Public was the beneficiary of more than $3 million under the BER, money which allowed it to build six new classrooms.

”I’m tired of hearing the Liberals and Nationals demonise the BER.  Each and every one of the more than eighty primary school communities in my electorate was elated by their new facilities” Mr Fitzgibbon said.

“The BER brought forward desperately needed new classrooms and other facilities which the State Governments were unable to fund.  The program created jobs in the face of the worse global recession since the 1930s and provided our children with facilities only previously dreamed of”.

“Thank God for the BER, Rutherford Public would now be in crisis without it.  It’s past time now the NSW Government did its bit”

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