Senate Inquiry into the APVMA

The Senate today supported a Labor motion to establish an inquiry into the independence, effectiveness and responsiveness of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority decision making processes. Government Senators opposed the motion.

The inquiry has been established in response to the ABC Four Corners report on Glyphosate which raised questions about the APVMA’s processes and independence.

The inquiry will include an assessment of the impact of the forced relocation of the APVMA to Barnaby Joyce’s electorate and the subsequent collapse in its workforce.

The best way to ensure that our farmers, veterinarians and owners of companion animals have timely access to safe and effective products is to maintain community confidence in the work of the regulator.

Recent political interference has undermined that confidence and Labor Senators will investigate both the impact of the relocation and the relationships between the Government, the regulator and the companies seeking approvals for their products.

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  • Wendy Sullivan
    commented 2018-10-21 11:24:58 +1100
    Why is APVMA not acting on the control Zoetis has on our Equine Veterinary Universities? Donations to Universities should be looked into as part of this enquiry. My taxes fund the local Agriculture/Vet University, Gatton University of Qld. I have been a client of this university in the past. With my horse that suffered a chronic adverse reaction to the Hendra Vaccine. I can not now access treatment to this University to continue his treatment in an emergency. As, he cannot be hendra vaccinated re his chronic adverse reaction to the immune system. I was advised by the vet that treated him at the university to NOT vaccinate him anymore. Now, that Zoetis ‘donates’ so much to this university. There is now a strict NO VACCINATION NO EMERGENCY TREATMENT policy in place. Even though they have the best and up to date Biosecurity and Infection control areas and practices in place. To meet the current guidelines. No. The Gatton University will not treat a horse UNTIL they take a hendra exclusion test and the test results come back. And that can take DAYS to get the results back. In an emergency, that time frame can mean life or death to the horse. My taxes pay for this university. Yet, I cannot access emergency vet treatment. Even though they have EVERY BIOSECURITY MEASURE available to protect both the vets and the staff. Please stop this from happening. Stop the corruption. Stop needless horse deaths. Or you will NOT get my vote
  • Sue Inness
    commented 2018-10-20 10:53:33 +1100
    It’ irrelevant how many jobs the APVMA creates, families relying on income, who started it – they have a set job to do and they are not doing it.
  • Sue Inness
    commented 2018-10-20 10:51:23 +1100
    About time this body was looked into. Any investigation into the APVMA will end up revealing the same sculduddery as was found with the banks. Far too many vested interests. Gysophate is the biggie, but Zoetis and their equine Hendra vaccination and cartel type behaviour with the AVA will show the grubby u der side of this once trusted organisation.
    Do your job, protect people, animals and the environment and don’t bend to big businesses!
  • Jack Arnold
    commented 2018-10-17 06:31:42 +1100
    The APVMA reaction is a sensible policy of the late Bill McCarthy (ALP), Minister for Northern Tablelands. The decentralisation of metropolitan government jobs to urban regional communities creates local regional economic “booms” because an extra about 3.5 private sector jobs are created for every one government job. Move 100 government jobs from the city when each job supports Mum, Dad & two kids and 400 persons relocate, needing housing, education and health services, etc. Then add another 350 private sector jobs plus families and 1400 persons relocate. Get government jobs into urban regional communities where the air is fresh, the spaces are large and open, housing is affordable, traffic jams are few, commute times are short and fewer people have chronic environmentally induced sickness.
  • Wendy Sullivan
    commented 2018-10-16 23:17:42 +1100
    APVMA not only gets ‘donations’ from Zoetis. It also makes Millions of dollars income from animal vaccine sales. How can APVMA independently police products that actually give them so much INCOME? No. This cannot continue. We need an INDEPENDENT Regulator of Vet Chemicals and Pesticides that is not PAID by those it is supposed to Police and Regulate. Especially when they profit so much from percentage of sales of products registered, AND accept HUGE donations from the drug companies that make and sell these chemicals??? I have no faith in a government that allows this to happen. You won’t get my vote if this continues.
  • Sarah Allen
    commented 2018-10-16 22:36:04 +1100
    The APVMA has significantly let the equine industry down for a very long time .The Hendra vaccine, which has caused severe reactions and deaths in many horses, needs immediate withdrawal from the market place. Hendra is a very fragile and rare virus, and can easily be avoided with clean and logical bio security methods.