The Abbott Government has hit the South Australian economy yet again with the release of its new wheat ports regulatory regime.

Released late Friday afternoon, the Government’s new plan could result in South Australia being the only State burdened by regulation, putting it at a distinct disadvantage compared to other States and port zones.

On the west coast Barnaby Joyce has decided to exempt CBH - the industry’s biggest monopoly - from his new wheat ports Code of Conduct because they are a cooperative.

And he has left open the door for further exemptions which may include almost every port zone on the east coast where there are existing and new players providing competition.  Potentially, every entity on the east coast could secure an exemption from the Code of Conduct.

This would put Viterra, South Australia’s only ports service, who are not a cooperative at a distinct disadvantage, to the detriment of the State’s economy and South Australian growers.

In the wake of the decision on the submarines, people will be rightly asking “What does the Abbott Government have against South Australia?”.

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