Another week has passed and the Agriculture White Paper is nowhere to be seen.

Barnaby Joyce has told a Fairfax reporter that the White Paper is scheduled for an “upcoming” Cabinet meeting and the final document to be out in “about” a month and a half.

I am concerned promised dates of delivery have been broken before.  We have “been there, done that.”

The Abbott Government promised prior to the election that it would deliver the White Paper within 12 months of office.

“The White Paper will be conducted by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and will report within 12 months. Our White Paper will also provide a clear, well-defined and transparent strategic approach to ensure the agriculture  sector remains a significant contributor to  the Australian economy and local communities”.

The Coalition's policy for a competitive Agriculture sector, August 2013

In a week when the berries Hepatitis A contamination has put food under the spotlight, Australians will be shocked to learn that eighteen months since its election, the Abbott Government still has no formal agriculture policy. 

In an increasingly competitive world, the Abbott Government dithers while our competitors are on the march.

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