The ABC Four Corners program to air tonight on the dairy industry crisis says as much about the failure of the Turnbull Government as it does about the misdeeds of Murray Goulburn.

Almost four months after the dairy crisis began, struggling dairy farmers are at a loss to understand the Turnbull Government’s inaction.

Hopefully, tonight’s Four Corners program will force the Government to finally act.

As predicted, the Government’s concessional loans scheme has been a failure. And their latest response is nothing more than a talk-fest.

These are the questions Malcolm Turnbull should answer now:

• Why has neither ASIC nor the ACCC reported on their inquiries into Murray Goulburn’s behaviour?
• Why has the Government refused to join in my call to the Murray Goulburn Board to exercise its right to deviate from the Cooperative’s Profit Sharing Mechanism to send more cash back to dairy farmers?
• Why are the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister now belatedly meeting with Murray Goulburn when the ASIC and ACCC investigations are on-going?
• Has the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister had any discussions with ASIC or the ACCC about Murray Goulburn’s behaviour?

In the final days of the election campaign the Prime Minister finally spoke, describing Murray Goulburn’s behaviour as “troubling”.

It was the understatement of the campaign but not as underdone as his response to the crisis.

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