Turnbull Government leaves sheep farmers high and dry

The Turnbull Government’s attempts to be all things to all people have left sheep farmers high and dry and the live sheep sector in crisis.

On one hand the Government feigned shock and horror when the Awassi Express failings were exposed, but on the other hand is now missing in action and refuses to make the tough decisions to provide certainty for the sector.

The withdrawal of another live sheep exporter represents a vote of no confidence in the Turnbull Government’s management of the sector and the Awassi Express affair.

While consistently proclaiming its support for the live sheep sector and expressing its importance to the economy the Turnbull Government has subjected sheep farmers and exporters to a slow and painful death.

With Emanuel, LSS and Phoenix Exports now all out of play, sheep farmers have few export options.  Yet the Turnbull Government has not lifted a finger to support them or held discussions about transition options with them.

Dysfunction and division remains the order of the day within the Turnbull Government. In an attempt to appease both the right and left of his Party Room, Malcolm Turnbull has pleased no one, least not sheep meat producers.

It’s past time Malcolm Turnbull and David Littleproud stood up and clearly articulated what they will do to help WA sheep farmers transition away from the live sheep export trade.


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