Turnbull Government not waiting for its own live export review

Fifteen days ago Minister Littleproud announced a review of conditions for the export of live sheep to the Middle East during the northern summer.

Twelve days ago Labor called upon the Turnbull Government to suspend the export of sheep not already in the supply chain but ships continue to arrive and plans for future voyages appear not to have changed.

Emanuel’s Al Shuwaikh for example, is due to arrive on May 6, the day before Minister Littleproud is due to receive the review’s draft report with the final report to be presented to the Minister no later than 11 May 2018.  People concerned about animal welfare are understandably asking: what has changed and is the Government serious about ending the cruelty?

Either the exporters are treating the Turnbull Government with contempt, or worse, the Turnbull Government is treating the Australian people with contempt.

Twenty five days ago Minister Littleproud said what was happening in the northern summer trade was "total bullshit". Yet it appears it will be business-as-usual for the live sheep trade, regardless of the review’s findings.

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  • Derek Hanley
    commented 2018-05-03 11:12:00 +1000
    I am not waiting for a review or any other Band Aid solution. Those that organise this trade or profit from it have no morals. This trade must be stopped.