Turnbull must rule out food safety deregulation

Agriculture Minister Malcolm Turnbull must rule out the deregulation of pesticide and veterinary medicine product approvals and oversight.

Labor understands that in the wake of the carnage caused by former Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce’s failed attempt to move the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), the Government is now considering outsourcing the work of this important regulator.

A story published today by Fairfax Media revealed an APVMA spokesperson said the regulator declined to deny the Government’s deregulation plan.

The APVMA’s role is to ensure the safety of our crop sprays and animal medicines. Its work is important to farm productivity, our export markets, the safety of the food we eat, our farmers, our children’s parks, our pets and the environment.

The work of the APVMA is too important to be farmed out to the private sector and Malcolm Turnbull needs to immediately guarantee it won’t be.

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