Turnbull must show leadership and act on live sheep trade

Division in the Turnbull Government has further delayed the release of the “short, sharp” review into the live sheep trade - with every day of delay another day that sheep are sent into treacherous northern summer conditions.

In more signs of dysfunction, Cabinet last night further deferred the release of Dr McCarthy’s review into the northern summer trade.  Already late, the review is looking more tenuous and torturous than short and sharp.

When will Turnbull show leadership and act on live sheep exports?

Sheep continue to leave port for the Middle East and the northern summer is upon us.

It’s unacceptable for the Government to use the ongoing review as an excuse for failing to act.

We don’t need the McCarthy Review to know the summer trade must end as soon as possible.  The industry has admitted animal welfare standards cannot be guaranteed.

Key stakeholders have flown into Canberra at the invitation of the Government for the release of the McCarthy Report this morning. They are left shaking their heads.

It’s past time Malcolm Turnbull showed some leadership on this issue. Four industry reviews is not what the community is looking for. They are demanding action from Government.


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