Turnbull without a plan for live sheep exports

What is the Turnbull Government’s honest view of the live sheep export trade?  Where is its plan for it?

It must be something more than a plan to kick the issue beyond the next election.

In the wake of the voluntary withdrawal of Live Shipping Services (LSS) from the dreaded Northern Summer Trade, we now believe the Turnbull Government has suspended the licence of Emanuels.

If this is true, the Northern Summer trade is now without its two biggest players. But what’s next?

Are there now sheep stranded in the supply chain?  What is the Turnbull Government doing to support affected farmers?

The Government must provide more transparency and give assurance it has an orderly plan to transition sheep farmers and other supply chain participants out of the live sheep trade.

Malcolm Turnbull should also allow the Parliament to express its will on the live sheep trade. It needs to do so by allowing a vote on Labor’s amendment which mirrors Sussan Ley’s Private Member’s Bill in the final sitting week of the Parliament before it rises for the Winter recess.

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