Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteers 2015

The importance of volunteering

Volunteering plays a significant role in Australian society, helping to strengthen and build more cohesive and resilient communities and support individual participation in community life.

More than six million Australians volunteer each year, freely giving their time, energy and skills to supporting others, often those who are most in need.

Local communities benefit enormously from the contribution of volunteers, especially in the areas of community welfare, education, emergency services, sport and recreation, arts and the environment.

To help recognise this important contribution, I encourage you to nominate an outstanding volunteer who you believe has offered voluntary service above and beyond the general expectation.

Examples of outstanding volunteer qualities

The following qualities are examples of important considerations when identifying individuals or teams to be awarded the certificate:

  • The volunteers are widely recognised within the community for their significant volunteering contribution, in both time and effort.
  • The volunteer's or volunteer's contribution has made a lasting impact on the community.
  • The volunteers are positive role models and set a good example for other volunteers in the community.
  • The volunteers are inspirational, mentors, share their experiences and knowledge, and encourage others to volunteer.

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