Will another Joyce boondoggle be airbrushed from history?

A little more than two weeks before it’s due to open, the so-called “Barnaby Bank” looks destined for the pork barrel scrap heap.

With no CEO and no staff, the Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) looks set to fail its first test; opening for business.


A complete waste of $28 million of taxpayers’ money, the RIC is a shocking pork barrelling exercise.


To be based in Orange where the Nats lost a safe state seat for the first time in 69 years, the RIC is supposed to do work already done by the various state rural adjustment authorities.


Despite earlier claiming the RIC would play a role in assisting drought affected farmers, it was not mentioned by the Prime Minister or his Ministers during their drought tour last week.


Like the forced Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority relocation to Armidale, it appears the Turnbull Government will move to RIC Plan B following Barnaby Joyce’s down-fall.


The best thing the Prime Minister can do is to stop the RIC boondoggle in its tracks before any more money is wasted.

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