Canberra Report: Workers' woes a point of frustration

The number of workers not receiving their superannuation payments from employers is on the rise.

The rip-off may amount to as much as $6 billion annually which means some workers will be earning thousands of dollars less in retirement than they would have if properly paid.

It's long been a point of frustration for me and affected employees alike.

Under current laws, it's just too hard to pursue offending bosses.

But the rise of the problem has given the issue more prominence.

So much so that the major political parties now agree on methods for fixing the problem.

They include allowing the Tax Commissioner, in cases where employers fail to comply with their superannuation guarantee obligations, to issue directions to pay unpaid superannuation guarantee.

But sadly, the changes are part of a package of superannuation bills which contain other measures not acceptable to the Parliament.

Among them is an amnesty for non-paying employers.

The government should carve-out the changes the parties agree on and leave the other fights for another day.

Unpaid super is too important an issue to be left caught up in other fights.

Given we all agree, let's fix it now.

The Singleton Local Government Area remains locked-out of the federal government's Drought Communities Grants Program.

While we welcome the assistance in the Muswellbrook Shire, there is no argument that Singleton is not just as deserving.

Meanwhile, the NSW Government recently announced funding to assist child-care centres in drought affected areas.

I'm still chasing information about who is in and who is out, but I do know centres in Branxton and Greta are among those who have benefited.

While I'm happy for the successful groups, how is it that the NSW Government believes groups further down the valley are worthy of drought support while the federal government says Singleton is not worthy?

No wonder people are losing faith in politics!


Australia Day nominations are now open at most councils.

So, if you know of someone doing something great in the community, consider them for a well-deserved award.

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