Carp eradication plan -Science not ego

23 November 2018

The departure of the National Carp Control Plan Coordinator has further brought into question the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Governments management of the significant taxpayer investment in the plan.

European Carp are the scourge of our waterways and their eradication remains a worthy objective.But the future of the plan must be guided by the science, not politics or ego.

Originally a Labor Government initiative, the $15 million plan was never a short-term strategy. When Barnaby Joyce decided to make himself the champion of the plan the science was still a work in progress.

Having raised expectations the plan would produce near-term outcomes back in 2016, Barnaby Joyce has recently demanded the herpes virus be immediately released contrary to the advice of the experts.

Minister Littleproud must provide assurance the Government will properly assess the plans future and be guided only by the science when making future decisions.

Barnaby Joyce is gone but many continue to clean up the mess he left.