Labor will investigate a floor price for dairy farmers

19 February 2019

Our dairy farmers are caught in a long-running cost-price squeeze that is being compounded by drought and Morrison Government inaction.

Labor believes Government intervention is needed to save our dairy sector and our dairy farmers.

A Shorten Labor Government will task the ACCC with testing the efficacy of a Minimum Farm Gate Milk Price and to make recommendations on the best design options.

It is not acceptable for our farmers to be paid less than the cost of producing their milk. If a floor price is needed to end this crisis, thats what Labor will deliver.

If Australia wants a thriving dairy industry, leaders must act. Business as usual needs to end, and directing the ACCC to assess, test and design a floor price is an important first step in giving our dairy farmers a fair go.

The Liberals and Nationals talk a big game in Canberra, but theyve nothing to help our dairy farmers and refuse to intervene in the market.

Labor will also establish a mandatory Dairy Code of Conduct to ensure the dairy market is functioning fairly for all participants.

The Coalition Government has had more than five years to implement a Code of Conduct and has failed.In Senate estimates yesterday the Morrison Government admitted it has kicked the Mandatory Code down the road to July 1 , 2020. Labor will make a Mandatory Code a priority.

Labors Farm Productivity and Sustainable Profitability Plan will also include a focus on farm extension to ensure our farmers have access to the latest productivity enhancing innovation.

Australias $4 billion dairy farming industry supports more than 5,500 farming families and creates around 42,500 jobs.It is also a key exporter of quality Australian dairy product.