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  • GOVERNMENT GO-SLOW ON AG INVESTMENT PROMISE Friday 31 October 2014 The (still) Acting Assistant Treasurer Mathias Cormann has confirmed a Government go-slow on implementing an election commitment to lower the threshold for review of investments in agricultural land. Read more
  • LABOR WELCOMES NEW CHAIR OF AUSTRALIAN LIVESTOCK EXPORTERS' COUNCIL (ALEC) Friday 31 October 2014 The Opposition welcomes the appointment of Simon Crean as the Chair of the Australia Live Exporters' Council. Read more
  • TRIBUTE TO THE GREAT E.G. WHITLAM Wednesday 29 October 2014 Mr FITZGIBBON (Hunter) (11:33):  How does one sufficiently and comprehensively pay tribute to the great E.G. Whitlam in five minutes? The reality is one does not. One could not possibly hope to. You would need at least 20 and then, of course, that would not be enough. But I say 20 because I think we need to talk about Gough through four lenses: first, Gough the Prime Minister; second, Gough the parliamentarian; third, Gough the party member—that is the Labor Party member and party leader; and, fourth, Gough the human being—and an honest, compassionate man he was, dedicated to it equity and social justice not only in this country but right around the world. Read more