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  • HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES HANSARD 11 FEBRUARY 2016 Thursday 11 February 2016 Mr FITZGIBBON (Hunter) (13:54):  I acknowledge both the statement from the trade minister and his outstanding service to this parliament and elsewhere, but I will have a little more to say about him at a later date when he is not so much the friendly combatant still sitting in the cabinet. I would like to begin my contribution by dealing with speculation that I was given the privilege of talking about the Deputy Prime Minister because on my side I understand best how members of the National Party think. I totally reject that! I totally deny that! Rather, I sought the opportunity to speak for a number of reasons—amongst them, four. The first is that I respect him. The second is that I like him. The third is that, as a rural member myself, we share a passion for rural and regional policy. The fourth is that I think I am in the minority now—I am one of those people that have been around here for a couple of decades, which means I have served for not all but for most of the time he has been here. Read more
  • JOYCE PUTS HIS AMBITIONS AHEAD OF FARMERS Wednesday 10 February 2016 Barnaby Joyce has again put his own political ambitions ahead of the interest of Australia’s farmers. Read more
  • HUNTER VALLEY NEWS COLUMN 11 FEBRUARY 2016 Wednesday 10 February 2016 Four years ago I secured $45 million to address Scone’s level railway crossing problem.  Suddenly, a debate emerged about whether the over-pass should proceed or whether a by-pass of the town would serve residents better. Read more