Further evidence the dairy crisis needs new thinking

Dairy Australia’s Situation and Outlook Report provides further evidence that the dairy industry is in real crisis and needs new thinking as milk production in Australia continues to decline and the forecast for 2018/19 milk production has been adjusted to reflect a 7% to 9% decrease.

What this means in real terms for the dairy industry and milk supply in Australia is that there will be less milk going through the processing facilities and this will have real consequences for the 20,000 jobs that the dairy industry creates.
The dairy industry can only survive if our dairy farmers survive the challenges they are currently facing.
Today Labor met again with the Australian Dairy Farmers and is pleased to see that they are committed to working constructively through our minimum milk price proposal.
The Dairy Australia report is dire reading which clearly demonstrates that Australian dairy farmers are suffering with high production costs, resulting in lower milk supply, lower herd sizes and farm exits.
Labor is fully aware that all those across the supply chain will have a part to play in ensuring the long term sustainability of our dairy industry, including our processors and the supermarkets.  But our dairy farmers have been waiting long enough for action from these players and the Abbott/Turnbull and Morrison Governments.
Labor will continue to work with all those across the dairy industry supply chain to bring a better outcome for our dairy farmers.

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