Government dairy announcement just more chaos

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has announced a plan to pay an unidentified “research group” $560,000 of taxpayers’ money to deliver a dairy report in February next year. 

It gets worse. Littleproud says the mystery group will “develop a new platform” which he claims will allow dairy farmers to “sell milk to multiple processors” and “contract a portion of their future milk supply as a hedge”. 

Pigs might fly too. 

The dairy industry is in crisis now. A consultant’s report in 10 months’ time will be too late for many dairy farmers. Dairy farmers are being told that if the Liberals are re-elected, they’ll have to wait 15 months for a Mandatory Code of Conduct. 

David Littleproud’s announcement is an insult to struggling dairy farmers and another embarrassment for the dysfunctional and chaotic Liberals. 

If David Littleproud was serious about delivering a “fair price” for our dairy farmers, the Liberals would be backing Labor’s proposal for a Minimum Farm Gate Milk Price to deliver a fair living wage for our dairy farmers. 

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