Joyce's Clayton's APVMA relocation

Barnaby Joyce appears to have run up the white flag on his forced relocation of the Australia Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to his own electorate

In Senate Estimates last night we learned his handpicked interim CEO, Dr Parker was looking at options of how APVMA staff could remain in Canberra.

This is because only 11 out of 216 staffers have shown an interest in relocating to Armidale. 

Dr Parker tried to dress this number up as an expression of interest for early relocation, but spinning this train wreck is part of his mandate.

That equates to only five percent of his workforce willing to relocate.

So we now know that it will be a Clayton’s relocation. It’s a relocation you have when you’re not really having a relocation.

Now that Barnaby Joyce’s own handpicked interim CEO is conceding the pork barrel won’t work, the Conservatives should reconsider wasting the tens of millions of dollars:

  • Establishing IT networks so APVMA staff can work from their Canberra homes
  • Tendering for a new building in Armidale
  • Co-locating the APVMA staff with Centrelink staff in Armidale (but I guess it’s better than McDonald’s)

The APVMA continues to lose specialist staff and its performance remains well below the levels achieved prior to the announcement of the relocation.

It’s not too late for Malcolm Turnbull to stop this madness. 

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  • Tom Peter
    commented 2018-02-28 20:00:32 +1100
    This is the most significant disappointment with this. Change functions are created maintaining the novice in mind.
  • Peter James
    commented 2017-11-23 20:32:34 +1100