Labor puts Dairy Commissioner in the mix

A Shorten Labor Government will consider the dairy industry’s call to establish a Dairy Commissioner.

Industry advocacy group Dairy Connect has called for the creation and appointment of a Federal Dairy Commissioner, with a small supporting agency to represent national producers in Canberra. Dairy Connect wants the Dairy Commissioner to be a conduit between industry and relevant ministers and the parliament on issues affecting the dairy industry.

Labor has already committed to a Mandatory Code of Conduct and pursuing a Minimum Farm Gate Milk Price which would help guarantee farmers a living wage.

If elected, a Shorten Labor Government will ask the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to test, assess and shape the Minimum Farm Gate Milk Price proposal. We will also ask the ACCC to consider the merits of an independent Dairy Commissioner.

Australia’s dairy sector is in crisis, caught in a cost price squeeze compounded by severe drought. Both regulatory and structural reform is necessary to address the plight of our dairy farmers.

Advocacy is important too and the Dairy Commissioner could play an important role alongside Labor’s other reforms.

A Shorten Labor Government will ask the ACCC to assess the merits of a Dairy Commissioner as part of the terms of reference for its inquiry into the effectiveness of a Minimum Farm Gate Milk Price.

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