Labor welcomes live export sector's plan to adopt independant Inspector General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports

Labor welcomes reports the live export sector is urging the Turnbull Government to adopt Labor’s plan to appoint an independent Inspector General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports.

Acceptable animal welfare standards in the live export sector cannot be assured without independent oversight of the regulator. 

A Labor Government appointed an Inspector General in 2013 but Barnaby Joyce abolished the position with Malcolm Turnbull’s ongoing approval.

It is now time for Malcolm Turnbull and David Littleproud to reverse Joyce’s reckless decision and appoint an Inspector General.

The most recent acts of cruelty in the live sheep trade are yet another example of the results you can expect when an industry enjoys the unconditional support from Government it received under Malcolm Turnbull.  The industry itself is now rejecting that approach.

Labor awaits the review of the live sheep trade to the Middle East during the extremely hot northern summer months. Given what we saw on 60 Minutes, it’s hard to see how animal welfare expectations can be met on such a long and hot voyage.


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