Yesterday we saw AGL and EnergyAustralia urge the Government to adapt an emissions intensity scheme for the electricity sector.
Today, the National Farmers’ Federation joined the call for a market based policy as the central policy plank of serious and bipartisan action on climate change and energy.

Our farmers are affected more than most by our changing climate and are dependent on reliable and affordable sources of energy. If our farmers are doing it tough, it impacts us all.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and CSIRO, the extent and frequency of exceptionally hot years will rise, and likely occur every one to two years. In addition, exceptionally low rainfall is projected to become more frequent.

While farmers are exposed to electricity costs, they also know the effects of climate change are devastating to their livelihood, with the Turnbull Government’s current do-nothing approach risking the future of the sector.

The National Farmers’ Federation are right to call for a market-based approach and bipartisanship, something we once had and Labor would once again like to see become the reality.

It’s past time the Malcolm Turnbull we used to know – the one who was serious about to tackling climate change and energy policy – stood up and showed some leadership.

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