Barnaby Joyce believes his new backpacker tax is so good and popular with farmers he wants it passed by the Parliament in record time.

That’s despite only introducing the bill implementing his 19 per cent tax increase this morning.

Further, Barnaby Joyce wants the Parliament to dispense with all the usual process involved in debating and scrutinising a bill even though he has linked the new backpacker tax to other tax increases - the rise in the Passenger Movement Charge as well as superannuation.

The Government announced the new backpacker tax in May 2015. It announced in March 2016 it would review the tax in consultation with industry groups and ignored the recommendations in the May 2016 budget booking the full save of $540 million.

Then the Coalition felt pressured during the election and announced another review which it completed, its third review on September 27, 2016.

Sixteen months on from the 2015 Budget, the Government now says the bill to implement the tax increases is so urgent, normal parliamentary process is not necessary.

Farmers and tourism operators alike remain angry about both new taxes and Labor will continue to consult with them and give them a voice.

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