Media Release - Who's Telling Porkies? The Drought Envoy or the Minister? Friday, 20 September 2019

The Acting Prime Minister must immediately intervene in the slanging match between Barnaby Joyce and Minister David Littleproud, and explain to the Australian people two things:

  1. What did Barnaby Joyce do in the taxpayer-funded role of Drought Envoy?
  2. Did Barnaby Joyce, while acting as Drought Envoy, ever deliver a report to Government?

In a letter to Senate President, Scott Ryan, on Wednesday, 18 September, Drought Minister David Littleproud advised:

“The request for the former Special Envoy for Drought Assistance and Recovery report cannot be complied with as he did not prepare a final report and as such there are (sic) no document exists”.

But on twitter today Barnaby Joyce said:

“I compiled multiple reports which were sent direct to the Prime Minister”.

Both statements cannot be true. In the unlikely event Barnaby Joyce’s version is correct Minister Littleproud will have to explain why he misled the Senate. Either way, Barnaby Joyce should produce documents today to substantiate his claims.

Two things are certain; Barnaby Joyce was appointed Special Envoy for Drought in August 2018 and given additional taxpayer-funded resources to allow him to campaign around the country.

Meanwhile, our farmers and those living in rural communities remain Scott Morrison’s forgotten people.


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  • Joel Fitzgibbon
    published this page in Media 2019-09-20 16:56:39 +1000