National Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines move at a snail's pace

The Turnbull Government sadly further deferred the development of National Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines at the Agriculture Ministers meeting in Brisbane today.

It is now two years since the Productivity Commission recommended the establishment of an Australian Commission for Animal Welfare, the equivalent of Labor’s Independent Office of Animal Welfare. 

In 2013 the then Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce abandoned  Labor’s Inspector-General of Animal Welfare.

Then in 2014, Barnaby Joyce abolished the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy and disbanded the Australian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. The important work of establishing standards, guidelines, and effective oversight has moved at a snail’s pace under the leadership of what was Joyce’s Department.

Today David Littleproud had the opportunity to show leadership by putting the development of robust standards, guidelines and enforcement back on track.

Sadly, he stayed on Barnaby Joyce’s path at a time when the community is growing increasingly impatient.


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